Great piece on why a life close to nature is healthier

We all know, our gut biome is directly related to our mental health...its been proven over and over. They even have science now that proves that children who are isolated from dirt have a much higher % of mental problems as adults. This article focuses on the "Hunter Gatherer Diet" and the Hadza Diet (one of the last hunter gatherer peoples left on this earth!)   Click here to read the article! 



Spring 2018 week long survival field course coming!

I am currently beginning to plan a week long survival "field course", which will be held in a remote backcountry setting (DEEP !!!) only a few hours from san francisco. I have not decided weather I will allow minimal gear or not, but either way its going to be PACKED with amazing skills. I plan on running more field courses, my hope is to run a 14 day survival course by this time next year. The classes will be limited to 6 students, all must be 18 and older. It will be a physically & mentally demanding trip. We will be living the skills. As of now the first course will be very modestly price and a very good deal, I am really only looking to cover my time and expenses. Please email me and let me know if your interested! There will be an interview and application process in order to be accepted into any of my field courses. Happy Trails!!!! - jack


Welcome to my blog! Here I will be posting updates on any classes or events I will be at, photos, videos, survival tips and tricks, links to videos and books I recommend! In the mean time check out my youtube channel here! I try and post one new video a week, please subscribe and share as I have a BUNCH of awesome projects on the way!!